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You get only professional quality images ™

About Me

Photography is about light.

While in secondary school, there was one topic in physics that was very interesting to me. It was light. It was then that I learnt  about the characteristics of light. From a prism, periscope, mirror and camera, I saw how light moved and be manipulated. I finished school and went to the university to obtain a degree in law, but my passion to work with light was focused on a camera.


I had seen people used cameras back then, but I didn't have the financial means to buy one. I eventually saved some money and bought my first Canon camera. I started learning by doing with my camera for some years. I had gathered some experience, but that was not enough, for I wanted more. I eventually registered to get a formal training at the New York Institute of Photography. I graduated and I'm now a proud member of NYIP. My journey with photography is never ending.

At the London Bridge, in the UK

On the Brooklyn Bridge, in New York

On assignment

Recent Events

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